3g better than Wi Fi??

Most 3g service providers promise speeds up to 2 mbps but users hardly get speeds that are close to 2 mbps. On the other hand wi fi internet is a big hit these days among the youth. So which is better 3g services of wifi.


To start with 3g services have been launched in India less than a year back so it can be said that 3g services are just in their initial stage. Whereas, in most European countries it has been there for about a decade now.  But even in its initial days Telecom providers have managed to get subscribers to 3g networks from its predecessor 2g services. 3g services are working fine with no major problems. Although 3g services were initially very costly but cut throat competition among service providers has meant that 3g services are affordable now. 3g services also provide features like live tv and gaming. One more feature of 3g is that it can be used any area which is covered by the service providers network and is not bound by a specified boundary like wi fi internet.


Wi Fi internet on the other hand has got its limitations. First of all wi fi is bound to a certain area for example office premises, coffee shops etc. and cannot be used outside these premises unlike 3g services. Wi fi internet also is protected these days in public hangouts. So if you want to access internet you will have to pay for wifi connection. And these rates are not very easy on the wallet. One more disadvantage that wi fi internet has that It lacks speed. There are many reasons for this like congestion, weak wireless connectivity etc. Also the disconnection rate is very high. If you are watching a video on Youtube it may take a lot of time to buffer or may stop responding. Or when you hit the send button after writing a mail the connection may be lost. So if you have to send an urgent mail or have some urgent work on the net you cant really rust wifi to do your work. One more disadvantage of wifi is that all mobile phones do not have wifi connectivity in them. It’s the smart phones or high end phones which possess this feaure.


So all in all it can be said that 3g services area clear winner when compared to wifi services. Also accessing wi fi at coffee shops and other places on a regular basis can be costlier as compared to 3g services. 3g is more consistent with low disconnection rate and gives better speed as compared to wifi. 3g as all that a mobile user wants while accessing internet.


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Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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