3g Plans In India

3g jadoo was launched with much fanfare in November of 2009 by the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. 3g services generated a lot of media attention in India and the subscriber were  eagerly waiting for the major mobile companies to launch their respective 3g services. And by the end of 2010 most of the mobile companies had launched their 3g services. Today 3g services are running successfully across India.

Bharti Airtel has a broad range for their customers who want to go the 3g way. Basic start plans from RS 8 and the maximum amount that airtel has on offer is Rs 750. The Rs 8 plan allows you to download only 10 mb and is valid for a day. And in the Rs 750 plan you can download data of 2 gb with a validity of 30 days. The Voice and SMS service charges on Aircel 3G network are same as that on its 2G network .That is the SMS and call charges are same in 3G and 2G network .Also these two services has no impact or change (speed/quality) due to the 3G network .The chargeable services in Aircel 3G are : Video calling and data transfer .Aircel 3G Video calling charges : 5 paisa per second or Rs.3 per minute

Monthly Rental – Free Data Usage (With in-built Voice and SMS service)

Rs.132.00 – 75MB

Rs.252.00 – 150MB

Rs.502.00 – 350MB

Rs.802.00 – 1024MB

The Data only Aircel 3G Plan is 100MB for Rs.92/month


Vodafone have their 3g plans as well. They have many plans for their subscribers. Their basic plan for prepaid users starts from Rs 102 which gives a download limit of 100 mb with 30 days validity. And the highest plan is of  Rs 6250 with a download limit of 5 gb per month and a validity if 6 months. And their plans for postpaid customers start with a minimum amount of Rs 100 with a download amount of Rs 100 For 30 days and a max amount of Rs 6250 with 5gb per month for 6 months.


Ideas 3g plan starts at Rs 100 and with a download limit of 100 mbs and a validity of 30 days and goes up to Rs 1750 with a 5gb limit with 6 months validity for prepaid customers. Whereas for postpaid customers the plans start with Rs 100 with a download limit of 100 mb and goes up to Rs 750 with 2gb limit.


With such strategically planned 3g plans mobile companies are trying to cash on the 3g revolution. But the mobile companies should also consider primarily consider improving the network and setting up more towers.


Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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