Tips for Mobile users

Have you just brought yourself your first mobile phone?? Are you new to the mobile frenzy?? Don’t fret we are here for your help. We have compiled a list of the things that you have to do after buying you mobile phone. This article is not limited to first time buyers, mobile users can read and get some information as well.

The following are tips for understanding your cell phone so you can get the most out of your phone’s features.

  • Read the Owner’s Manual: The Company has written it just for you, So that you can read it and understand your mobile phone better. Don’t just keep it lying in the mobile box that you got take it out and read it. Learn your cell phones features to save you time understanding the neat tricks it can do so that you know your cell phone in and out. Read the manual so that you won’t have to ask some ones help next time while using your phone


  • Check your signal: Keep an eye on your signal and use your phone when there is a high number of bars on the display. This will ensure a good signal providing you with little or no interference. When you make calls in high signal it reduces the chances of call drops and also gives you better quality so you don’t have to repeat the same thing again and again.


  • Watch your battery: Not all batteries have the same life. By watching the battery icon and charging it when needed, you’re less likely to have a dead cell phone when you need it the most. Recharge mobile on a daily basis so that you don’t have to worry about low battery. Mobile recharge hardly takes any time. You can recharge your mobile while bathing or shaving when you do not need it.


  • Read your cell phone bills carefully: Make sure you understand how your calls are billed. You might be charged more for calls outside your roam area. So understand your billing plan and choose the best mobile plans online. Bill payment can be done easily online.


  • Drive carefully when using cell phones: Using  mobile phones while driving is banned in India. Use speed dialing, voice commands and speakerphones to keep your hands on the wheel as much as possible. It’s best to pull over and park when taking a call.


  • Emergency calls: All mobile phones have emergency call numbers. You can call these emergency numbers whenever you are in need of help. Don’t hesitate to use this facility. These call can be made in no or very low network area as well. 100, 101 are some of the emergency numbers.



  • Contact information for calls: First make a list of who you want included in your contacts. This will make it easier to enter the information correctly the first time. You can also load contact numbers via Microsoft Outlook for faster entry.


  • Don’t settle for cell phone problems: Contact your cell phone provider if your service isn’t up to the standards you were promised. The contract you signed with your cell phone provider is there to protect you when you need it.



Shivanand Nabar
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