Broadband Companies in India

Making voice calls on the net are now passe. Video Conferencing is in. Selecting a day and planning to watch a movie with the whole family is a thing of the past, now the whole family sits together and watches movies online. High speed internet connections have brought the world closer. Broadband connections have revolutionized the online world. Fast net has meant that friends can make video calls download files at the same time. Huge files like videos, games and applications can be shared online.


Broadband internet was introduced in India in 1998. However at that time it was very expensive for the common man. Instead, dial up connections were used in the 1990’s. Dial up connection was painstakingly slow and needed utmost patience, not to forget disconnections in the line would disrupt work very often. However the whole scenario changed with the entry of private firms in the broadband sector. Cut throat competition resulted in slashing of prices and better services were offered. And broadband connections were many times faster than dial up connections. They also had low disconnection rates. And would not take time to connect.

Let’s see the Big players In the Broadband Field in India.


Airtel Broadband provides broadband and IPTV services. Airtel provides both capped as well as unlimited download plans. The maximum speed available for home users is 16Mbps. Airtel has about 3.16 million wireline customers, of which 42.6% are broadband/internet subscribers. Bharti provides all telecom services including fixed-line services under a common brand “Airtel”.



Tata communications provide broadband connections apart from their gsm, cdma and fixed line connections. Tata have a very wide range of plans and with limited as well as unlimited plans for their subscribers.



BSNL Broadband is a broadband internet service from state owned BSNL in India since 14 January 2005. The USP of BSNL Broadband over all other Broadband services is it’s high-speed, fairly stable connection, cheap rate, no-hidden cost and transperancy in terms of charging.


MTNL provides fixed line telephones, cellular connection of both GSM — Dolphin(Postpaid) and Trump (prepaid) and WLL (CDMA) —Garuda-FW And Garuda-Mobile and internet services through dialup and DSL — Broadband internet TriBand. MTNL has also started Games on demand, video on demand and IPTV services in India through its Broadband Internet service called Triband. At present MTNL enjoys the largest of the market share of ISP services in Mumbai and Delhi.

With these big players there are some small players as well. Which are giving these companies a stiff competition. They are as follows:



Hathway Broadband Internet was the first Cable ISP in India. Hathway Also Provide Cheap Broadband Service in India. In India, it was the first company to provide internet using the CATV network.



Sify was one of the first private sector player to offer internet access, when internet access was opened to private sector (until then the state run VSNL had a monopoly in providing internet access). It leased international bandwidth from global vendors, domestic connectivity from telecom players and set up last mile connectivity by multiple methods: wi-fi connections using roof top antennae, copper connections using phone lines or cable TV connections. Sify also started providing internet network connectivity for business enterprises in India. Sify set up a chain of franchised internet cafes


Local cable operators :

Though they are not a corporate but they are giving the corporate companies a run for their money. Local cable operators have started providing high speed internet with cable services. The USP of these local cable operators is that they provide high speed internet and the download limit is high as compares to their competitors.

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