Broadband Connections in India.

Broadband is growing and growing fast in the India, but what exactly is Broadband? How does it work? What are its components?? Broadband is a term referred to some technologies that offers high speed internet connectivity depending on framework and environment. In general terms broadband referred to communication technology that can employ different channels of data or data streams by using any medium (air or Physical). Broadband is a term for wide band. It defines the speed of data transfer rate.


The broadband system in India is ADSL based or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, this is an asynchronous system which means that the data rate allowed is not equal in both directions. Speed in one direction is more as compared to the other direction. Therefore most ADSL lines have a far higher inbound or download speed than outbound or upload speed. The basic broadband offering in India is a 512kbps (kilobytes) download and a 256kbps upload speed, although many ISP’s Internet Service Provider’s are now providing 2mbps (2000k) download however the upload remains fixed at 256kbps.


The ADSL system is based upon India’s telephone infrastructure which put simply, is a twisted pair of cabled between you and your local telephone exchange. Even new homes are regularly cabled with twisted pair and not fiber which would seem the obvious choice for improved last mile connectivity. if you live very close to the exchange you will find that your indicated speed may well be 2mbps however the further away from the exchange you go the more the speed drops off with users who are 3 kilometers away being unable to get the 2mbps service, this is why you have heard the Internet Service Provider’s say “up to 2mbps”.Then there is the Cap, most Broadband users were tempted away from dial up by the lack of restrictions and increased speeds. However the all you can eat Broadband is going to be slowly withdrawn as Internet Service Provider’s realize that many users are trying to use their connections all day long downloading many gigabytes of data perhaps using peer to peer (P2P) sharing services. Soon the unlimited plans will be converted into 50 gb – 60 gb plans which might soon prove to be insufficient.


What forces us to need this extra bandwidth? Well apart from the growing use of the web one activity is breaking the very infrastructure the web was founded upon, Video. With improving technology better cameras are being developed which capture motion in high definition which definitely are bigger in size. Also we tend to watch videos for hours at a time, this is very different to picking up a couple of emails.


Shivanand Nabar
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