Broadband Internet.

The whole world is moving on to the net these days. Now neighbors don’t talk to each other face to face over a cup of copy they just exchange pleasantries on social network. Relatives are not greeted with surprise visits on festivals and special occasions instead with e-cards on festivals.  Looking at the trend it won’t be surprising if tomorrow lessons won’t be taught in schools, instead it will be on the net by e learning.


High speed broadband internet has enabled all this and more in a very short time and at a very rapid pace. Broadband internet was introduced in India in 1998. However at that time it was very expensive for the common man. Instead, dial up connections were used in the 1990’s. Dial up connection was painstakingly slow and needed utmost patience, not to forget disconnections in the line would disrupt work very often. Also phone calls on the landline could not be answered due to dial up connection. If you answered a call then your internet would be disconnected and you would have to connect to the net again. And the biggest flaw of dial up connection was it would take a long time to connect and sometimes 2 or 3 attempts were needed to connect to the net. Also you could not watch videos or download songs with dial up connection. Viewing a photo itself would take more than a couple of minutes.


The whole scenario changed with the entry of private firms in the broadband sector. Cut throat competition resulted in slashing of prices and better services were offered. And broadband connections were many times faster than dial up connections. They also had low disconnection rates. And would not take time to connect. Connecting to the internet is just a matter of seconds. Today the main players in the broadband sectors are airtel broadband services, tata broadband services, reliance reliance broadband services and the government owned MTNL.


Internet now is not just used in India for sending mails. Now relatives staying far off in different states are invited by sending an invitation card through net and not through post. Internet is also used for video chatting with children who are studying or residing in foreign countries. Now bills payments are done online. All this and more because of broadband internet.


Use of internet has not just been limited to the youth but it is also used by the elderly. These day’s grandparents add and follow their grandsons and granddaughters on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Broadband connection is not only in urban areas but also in rural areas of India. Students in rural areas also are present on social networking sites and use internet to a good extent.

Internet has changed the world rapidly. With online payment and e-recharge don’t be surprised if tomorrow the use of cheques and demand drafts is totally eradicated just the way dial up connection was by broadband connection.


Shivanand Nabar
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