Check your Broadband Speed

Broadband connections are now in every house. Dial up connections have now become extinct and faster broadband connections have replaced them. The main USP of broadband is its speed and low disconnection rate. Something, that has taken broadband connections on a different level. Internet users have increased over the years in India. Broadband has been providing faster internet to internet users. However due to stiff competition Broadband Service Providers have primarily concentrated on getting more connections rather than providing better broadband services. There have been complaints about low speed and disconnections in the recent past.


So how do you check what is your exact broadband speed. And are you getting your money’s worth with your existing plan. Firstly you have to understand your broadband plan. Broadband Service Providers offer speeds up to mb’s. Here the word up to is of prime importance. Because you won’t be getting the mentioned speed. It’s just a marketing strategy to write high speeds in order to get more connections. But you should see to it that you are not fooled and given very low speeds. To find your broadband speed you can check it online or you can use software which are available online for free.


After checking your downloading and uploading speeds you can verify if you are getting recommended speeds or you are being offered low broadband speed. If you feel you are internet is too slow you can call your broadband service provider and ask them the reasons for it and tell them to increase your speed. If your service provider doesn’t oblige you can always opt for another service provider who is offering a better service in the same or low price.


One more thing that you will have to keep in mind while changing your broadband service provider is the download limit. Nowadays unlimited plans are available with low speeds whereas high speed broadband connections have a download limit. If you download in gbs then its better you stick to the unlimited plan where you might have to shell a little more. But if you are not into downloading but need fast internet then you can go for the limited plan.


Shivanand Nabar
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