Choose your Data Card Online

Choose your data card

So you are not happy with your broadband connection and you are looking for greener pastures. May be data cards can be an option apart from your mobile GPRS or Wifi internet. Almost every telecom company has its own data card with its different brand name. Reliance has Reliance Net Connect whereas  Tata has Tata Photon and Idea has Net Setter. As the names are different so are the prices and the specifications.


There are different payment methods for these different plans. One can pay it through personally going and paying or can just simply log on to an online recharge site and recharge online. Online recharge is much better and easier than manual recharge. In the same way online bill payment can be done. It has the same advantages that online prepaid recharge has over manual prepaid recharge.


Selecting a single plan through a heap of plans can be a little confusing. So you first have to chalk out what are your major requirements for taking a data card connection. If you want a super fast data card then you can always opt for faster 3g data cards which are a bit more expensive or may be more than a bit. But they are definitely faster. There are other options also when it comes to a data card connection.


Taking into consideration the amount of data that is being used by customers Companies have unlimited plans. Generally unlimited plans come with a comparatively slow speed of 256 kbps or 512 kbps. These packs are not high priced and are affordable. There are also unlimited plans which offer high speed of about 4 mbps but they are costly and you will have to pay extra for the speed.

The other options which an internet user can use are night plans, limited plans or time based plans. All that you need to know before taking up a plan is that the plan should meet all your requirements. Don’t be fooled by the advertisements and end up subscribing for a plan that has nothing to offer, All these plans can be viewed online. Mobile recharge can also be done online. Mobile recharge is easy and quick when done online.