Difference between Cell phones and landlines

The first name that comes to your mind after hearing the word landline is MTNL. And the memories associated with a landline are that of your childhood. As a child you would always run after hearing the phone ring just because you wanted to be the first to answer the phone. And if you were asked when was the last time you ran after hearing your landline?? You might say I dint run I just crawled and it was a wrong number. So where has all the fizz and excitement about the landline disappeared?? Was it just because you were a child and you grew up or is it something else??


Now answer this. Which mobile do you use?? What is your mobile plan?? How many free calls or messages do you get from your existing plan?? You may answer these questions even before the question is completed. So why has the world broken-up with the landline and moved on to mobiles??


The first and the most important reason is that landlines were wired and mobiles are wireless. You can be anywhere in the world and still be in contact with your loved ones. Something that did not happen with the Landline phone. Also it is easy to carry with you anywhere it is as big as your wallet and some are even smaller. Imagine if you had to carry your landline, how funny it would be.

The other and most obvious reason is that of expenses. Call rates on the landline are still a rupee per minute whereas the mobile call rates are as cheap as 10paisa/minute. Even though landline faced stiff competition from mobile companies they did not reduce their rates. And perished against the mobile companies.


Mobile made life easier for the customer in each and every way unlike landlines. You do not need to stand in long queues to pay your phone bill you can make your bill payment through your mobile only a you could jus e recharge or recharge your mobile online. no need to wait for hours for your bill payment. You can even make your dth payments, broadband payment online through your cell phone. Which can never be done with a landline.


One more feature that differentiates mobile from landline is that mobile is filled with a lot of features like music player, camera, organizer, alarm, reminder, gprs etc. the only extra feature that some landlines had was that they had alarm  and caller id that to was limited to some landlines.


Security is one more thing that has made mobile phones so reliable. You could just call the police or someone close In an emergency. At the same time your family and friends could get back to you whenever they are in trouble or they need your help.


However mobile phones had some flaws which were overlooked by the migrating population. Cell phones need constant charging and they won’t be of any help once their battery is over. Also the charging increases your electricity bill. And mobile phones don’t have life of more than a couple of years after which they give you all sorts of problems. Repairing the mobile is of no use because there will be some other problem in few days. And buying a new mobile is very expensive. Whereas the landline could be used for a decade if not more.


However other major factors such as mobility, online payment, added features, connectivity made mobiles a winner.



Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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