Drawbacks of 3g


3g technology was launched in India back in 2009 by the state government run BSNL under the service called “Jadoo”. After that private players steeped in the 3g scenario with Tata Docomo being the first private service provider to launch 3g services. Idea cellular, Vodafone and Bharti Airtel followed soon. A lot has been said about the 3g services in India. Although 3g services entered the Indian markets about a decade late but 3g services have been given a thumbs up by everyone. Faster mobile internet, high bandwidth, 24/7 online connectivity, online mobile recharge are some of the many advantages of 3g services.


But hardly anyone knows or has taken the time out to find out the drawbacks of disadvantages of 3g services. As they say every coin has two sides in the same way 3g services have some disadvantages as well. It is important that mobile subscribers take out the information about 3g services, that is advantages and disadvantages of 3g before switching from 2g to 3g services.


Some of the disadvantages of 3g technology are as follows:


1)      Developing: It’s not even been a year since the private players launched 3g services in India. It goes without saying that 3g services in India are developing. 3g services are not very reliable as they are still in their early days. 3g subscribers in India have many problem with 3g services they are experiencing high call drops as compared to 2g services.

2)      Expensive plans: Since service providers like Tata Docomo, Vodafone and Bharti Airtel paid heavy price in the 3g spectrum auction it is unlikely that the 3g plans will be cheap like the 2g plans. Moreover the service providers won’t reduce the price of these 3g plans in the near future as they have to recover the cost from their subscribers.

3)      Costly handsets: Since the 3g services have more to offer the 3g mobile phones will also be costlier than the normal 2g phones. The 3g models have features like 3g camera, internet browser etc. So if a subscriber has to avail the services of 3g then he has to buy a new 3g mobile and the old basic 2g phones will not support 3g services. So it means extra cost.

4)      High Battery Usage: Functions like video calling, music download, faster internet browsing means that there will high battery usage and low standby time. 3g services will mean that users will have to recharge their phone more often. An alternative to this is introducing batteries that give more efficiency which will result mean that the mobile will be heavier than the normal 2g phones.

5)      Low Internet speed while travelling: Although 3g internet boasts of a speed of above 2mbps but the truth is quite different. While 3g internet provides high speed while in stationery position the speed decreases considerably while travelling in a car or while walking fast. Also there are complaints of high disconnection rates while travelling.

In the end the conclusion from all these points is that it is better to wait for the 3 g technology to develop in India there is no point paying heavily for a technology which is unreliable and inefficient.


Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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