Feathers in 3g’s Cap


3g technology has been established in India and it has been making news for the past six months. It was found in Japan a decade back and has come to India very late. However now that it has been launched successfully in India many users are thinking about joining the 3g revolution. But only a few features of this new technology are known to mobile subscribers. Features like video calling and high speed internet are the famously known features. Whereas other features like online gaming, online recharging etc are not that common topic of discussion. So here are the features of the 3g technology excluding video calling and high speed internet.

Obtaining information and news
With 3G technology, an individual can access any website on the Internet by using your phone as a modem with your laptop. One can also use search engines to retrieve information on the weather, the daily news, stocks and shares, or practically any other information you require to ensure that you are continually on top of things.

E-Banking With 3g technology  one can carry out all bank transactions through their mobile phone. Online mobile recharge can be done. Dth connections can also be recharged online. Mobile and electricity bills can be paid as well.


Have you left your office and want to send an important email to your client, then don’t worry. You can also perform this task by using your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can use your cell phone as a modem to be connected to your laptop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Since the invention of cell phones, games have always formed a part of mobile devices. As technology has developed, the games we are able to engage in have become far more interactive, exciting and entertaining. 3G technology would permit you to download games anytime from any place.

The speed and quality of 3G really contributes to enhancing the quality of film over mobile devices. One is now able to view film trailers, reviews, and interviews, download ring tones, wall papers and enter competitions all by means of your cell phone.

3G phone allows a person to view highlights from the favorite matches with the incredible sound and high quality of video and he can also get the latest scores of the match.

This technology helps us to download songs, music videos and interviews. We can also compose our own ring tones through mobile phone if we want.

So next time when there is a discussion about 3g you can boast of your knowledge on the topic. .





Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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