Future of VAS

Mobile phones have now moved on from their basic fundamental role of just receiving and making calls. Today a man is known not by the company he keeps but by the mobile he keeps.  Mobiles are no more gadgets they have become an extension of a man’s persona. People use their phones for gaming, music and wallpaper downloads. But the VAS industry in India is developing and is not fully developed. Music download, Wallpapers and exciting themes are the only components of India’s Value Added Service (VAS) Industry. Mobile subscribers in India only know a few components of this huge industry.


Mobile subscribers now want more information without much hard work. They want information to be available on their handsets in real time. This is where Value Added Services come to the fore. Mobile service providers can offer more information to their subscribers through Value Added Services. More and more people are using Smart Phones. The Smart Phone penetration in India is increasing day by day. The advantage of smart phones is that users can use more applications on smart phones. There is a need for more and more applications to be developed.


VAS is about to expand beyond voice and phone, from entertainment to utilities and services. VAS can reach the rural areas and impart more knowledge to the rural population. Where services like m -agriculture and m –education can be initiated. Valuable information or tips on agriculture can be provided to the farmers on their mobile phones through VAS like m agriculture. Education like e learning can be provided to children in rural areas through m –education. More services like m – governance, m –law can be initiated which will help in smooth functioning of legal and government work. It will also help in reducing the time that Is wasted in legal work.


The newly launched 3g services mean that VAS in India a has got a new way to reach out to more and more consumers. As technology improves and 4g is introduced more services will be available to mobile subscribers on their handsets. The 3G, 4G enabled mobile would be changing life style of the people – by connecting them to government authorities, assisting in shopping, monitoring healthcare as well providing information regarding education on the go.

The telecom industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. India is ranked second behind China in the most number of mobile users followed by USA.  And it is estimated that India will soon overtake China in terms of mobile users. Mobile Value Added Services are expected to be USD 4 billion industry within the next two years. It therefore does not come as a surprise that Mobile VAS which so far is concentrated across music and content like wallpapers, themes, ringtones and SMS based services like news, updates will extend and expand in the coming years.


About 80% of mobile Value Added Services users in India are Prepaid Customers. These 80 % prepaid mobile users can activate these VAS through online recharge. Prepaid balance can also be recharged easily through online recharge. The USP of online recharge like VAS services is that it provides information to the users online about various packs and also it is an easy way to recharge mobile online. One more advantage of e recharge is that mobile subscribers get free coupons of leading brands with every online recharge.



Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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