Internet Users in India to triple by 2014

Search Engine Giant Google has predicted that within three years the total number of internet users will grow three times the current number. These internet users include broadband, narrowband and mobile internet users. The reason behind this is said to be the introduction of Android and Smartphones becoming cheaper. Also the mobile companies are investing highly in high speed wireless broadband infrastructure. Example Tata Photon, Idea Netsetter, etc.



According  to the  Google currently there are as many as 100 million web users who are accessing internet through various platforms like laptop, computer, Tablet PC’s and Mobile browsers. By 2014 this number will rise to 300 million. Though this number seems to be very high, this number is just one eight the population of India. The current population is estimated to be 1.2 Billion. Despite this, India is still the world’s third-largest internet market (by users), after China and the United States.



Despite a lot of the infrastructure challenges we have as a country, 100-million Indians are online. They’re spending a huge amount of time online and they’re doing a varied set of things online. With traditional media, television and newspapers, drawing the majority of advertising spend along increased regulation from government, how to capitalise on this large emerging audience will be a challenge. Making money off that growing audience, though, is proving difficult thus far for Google and other Internet companies. Google doesn’t release figures regarding its earnings in India. Analysts believe, however, that it has laid claim to about half of the online ad market, a disappointing statistic relative to the search giant’s dominance in other parts of the globe.


Although India has the world’s third largest user base, a very different picture of India’s web presence emerges when one looks a dollar spend. Online ad spending in India is only about US$200-million per year, is a small fraction of the global ad-spend, thought to be worth around US$80-billion annually. eCommerce platforms such movie and airline ticket sales generate about US$5-billion in revenue in India, a pittance when compared to the US$80-billion generated by the same platforms in China.