Low Capacity Internet usage

Everyone, now a day uses internet. From a village kid to an urban nanny. Reason for usage may be different kids might use it only for the purpose of gaming, retired patrons may use it for quick news or to listen to old classic songs. Youngsters may use it for social networking and downloading videos and films. Mid aged people may use it for bill payment of online recharge.


Internet usage is the amount of data your computer sends to and receives from the Internet. Which is measured in bytes. Every time you download a song, upload a picture, surf the Web or send or receive an email, a certain number of bytes of data are being transferred to or from your computer


If you are a rare visitor on the social networking scene or you just use the net for reading news or just for banking purpose or online recharge or bill payment than you are in low cap group. Wherein your internet usage is limited to certain fields only. And you do not exploit the net. A low usage cap will be sufficient for you. As you won’t be downloading a great deal or you won’t be watching videos or listening to songs which take up too many of your limited mbs.


Under the low usage cap the best deal for you would be 512 mb wherein you can use internet up to a limt of 512 mb’s per month. The speed of 256 to 512kbps is good enough. As low speed won’t affect the work that you carry out. Because reading news, surfing the web making online bill payments does not need high speed internet. Also the plan will be at an affordable price which will be very economical and you won’t end up paying for the unused mb or the super fast speed which is not that necessary for you.



Apart from all the basic functions you can also go through maps, get directions pay your bill online or e recharge, you could also download and upload a few photos and write mails to your loved ones with your low cap plan.


Shivanand Nabar
Guest Blogger

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