Medium Cap Internet Usage.

Internet is omnipresent now. Even the most deserted places in the world have access to internet these days. People from all backgrounds use internet. From professional bloggers to amateur journalists, dj’s to gamers, homemakers to maids. It’s used for online bill payment and booking honeymoon. Net usage differs from person to person depending on the purpose of net usage and so does the payment.

Internet usage is the amount of data your computer sends to and receives from the Internet. Which is measured in bytes. Every time you download a song, upload a picture, surf the Web or send or receive an email, a certain number of bytes of data are being transferred to or from your computer

If you are active on the social network. If You have loads of friends on facebook and twitter  and chat online and if you go through your mails every day, send a couple of mails to your friends and family daily and download some music and video files than you are in the mid cap usage.


The best plan for a mid cap user would be a 2 gb plan enabling you to download datat of 2 Gb . which is sufficient for a mid cap users as uploading pics, social networking downloading songs do not consume to many mb’s. So a mid cap user can use internet without worrying about exceeding the limited mb that is allowed.


Mid cap plan charges you only for the amount of mbs that you will be consuming and for the speed that you demand. So you won’t be paying or unused mbs.

With the mid cap usage plan you could recharge online your mobile bill or while downloading your videos you could very quickly make your bill payments. All this at an affordable price which ensures that you don’t pay exorbitant charges for the unused mb’s and don’t take up a super fast broadband plan when mid cap usage plan would be efficient for your usage.


Shivanand Nabar
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