Mobile Recharge

Mobile here, mobile there, mobile everywhere. From a bhaji wala to a school going kid. From a kaamvali bai to a rickshaw driver everyone has a mobile these days. Actually, most of them have two mobile s or the newly launched dual sim phones. What my point is just imagine the amount of revenue that the mobile companies are raking in through bill payments , online recharge and mobile recharge through vendors. Even though mobile companies are just charging a paisa for a single message the cost incurred for sending is less than a paisa.

Cheap rates have just lured the common man to keep two or more sim cards which are not really necessary. One for messaging as the messaging rates are cheap and one for calling as the call rates are cheap is the mindset of the mobile users these days. Some even have different sims for office and one for personal use. So that their precious holiday is not ruined by an emergency meeting at the office.


One more factor that has been instrumental in the high sales of sim cards are the payment facilities provided by mobile companies. Gone are the old days when you had to stand in a long queue after your long tiring day at the office for your mobile bill payment. Now you can make your bill payment right from your home with just a click. If you are a prepaid customer you don’t have to go the shop for your mobile recharge or “top up” as they say. You can opt for online prepaid recharge and recharge with the amount you want, whenever and wherever you want.


What has also contributed in the sim sales is very low or no rates for inter calling.  With these very low inter calling charges you don’t have to go for mobile recharge that often. You get more from your money. Peer pressure and the glamour of a certain model has also meant that certain telecom services enjoy the cream of the crop. For example the newly launched iphone 4 is available with Aircel and Airtel. Which means the sale of an iphone 4 also results in the sale of the sim cards of one of these companies.


Also MNP or Mobile Number Portability has meant that customers do not hesitate in changing their service provider. As they won’t have to change their number. Earlier  people would hesitate changing service providers because it meant they would have to change their numbers which would be a headache as changing a number meant informing friends relatives about the new number.


With the high sales there is bound to be fierce competition between the mobile companies. New plans are introduced everyday to increase their ever increasing sales. This has only proved to be beneficial for the mobile users as the mobile rates are decreasing day by day. Increasing sim sales will also result in an increase in mobile sales. So it’s a win-win situation for all. The users get economical rates, service provider’s benefit from its huge user base and mobile companies enjoy increasing sales of their models.



Shivanand Nabar
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