MTNL Broadband Plans

MTNL Broadband Plans


MTNL Broadband is presently offering a wide spectrum of Internet related services from Dial up Internet access to broadband Internet access services in Delhi and Mumbai.

TriBand – MTNL’s ‘always-on’ Broadband connection that supports interactive services including high speed Internet access at download speed up to 4Mbps with assured minimum speed of 256 kilo bits per second (kbps) to individual telephone subscribers. It includes further value-added services such as VPN, IPTV, video-on-demand, VoIP,video phone and will include broadcast applications & much more in the future.

Customers who want Xpress plan alongwith their existing Landline plan may choose Xpress_Unlimited_NonCombo plan whose monthly charges & download speed is same as Xpress combo unlimited plan.
MTNL Redefines Broadband, now minimum Broadband speed is 512 Kbps


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