New Airtel Broadband Plans for Hoshangabad – Madhya Pradesh

Hoshangabad is the name of the the city town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is  the city which is located on the Narmada river banks. The city of Hoshangabad is  also the district capital of Hoshangabad District.  The city of Hoshangabad as previously known as Narmadapur because of its location on the narmada river banks. During Narmada Jayanti there are celebrations all over the city and on the banks of the river narmada.


A hill by the name Sethani Ghat is a famous landmark on the Narmada river bank. The Sethani Ghat is located about 7 kilometers downstream from the confluence of tawa and Narmada. Both these are very famous rivers in the state of Madhya pradesh. As per the 2001 census conducted in India the population of Hoshangabad was just under one lac it was 97,357 to be precise. The population is broad ly dominated by the male population with  53% and the rest population being at 47 %. The city also has  a literacy rate of 73%.


The city has been improving since th past one decade. There are many upcoming institutions in the city of Hoshangabad. There are 960 Primary Schools, 207 Middle Schools, 69 Senior Secondary Schools and 9 Schools are operated by Tribal Department. Many educational institutions including the Narmada MahaVidhyalaya (NMV) were established by prominent visionary late Pt. R L Sharma. There are 11 Colleges and 1 is Polytechnic College. All the colleges are affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal. There is an office of Saksharta Programme which is running many literacy programs in the district.


The education these days is going towards the internet. As it is called e learning is becoming not just famous in  the cities but also in the town cities. There is a need of proper internet infrastructure for e learning. For this broadband internet is important. There are few broadband services available in the city of Hoshangabad. One of them is Airtel broadband . Fast broadband i internet  service is provided by airtel broadband internet in the city of Hoshangabad and also in the state of MAdhya pradesh.


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