New Airtel Broadband Plans for Kolkata – West Bengal

Kolkata which was previously known as  Calcutta is the capital city of West Bengal. The city is located on the banks of hoogli river in the eastern part o f India. It is a major commercial center and since it is located in the eastern part of India it is known as commercial capital of East India. Kolkata is known for many thing s like Durga Puja, Rasagulla, Football.


Apart from these the other  thing which is famous about Kolkata is  the good quality of airtel broadband connection. Airtel broadband has many plans in the city of Kolkata . In fact Airtel broadband has introduced new plans for the city of Kolkata. These plans are mentioned below, you can have a look at these plans and select a new airtel broadband connection at your home. If you want to see an airtel broadband plan for your home city you can check it here  on our blog.



Airtel broadband is the most sought after broadband service in the city of Kolkata not just because of the speed that offers but also for the affordable price. Airtel broadband offers plans in various categories depending upon the Price, Speed and Download Limit. The fastest Airtel broadband plan in the city of Kolkata gives you a super fast speed of 2 mbps. This speed is the better than the speed offered by dial up connection which is up to hundred times slower. So check the new airtel broadband plans for the city of Kolkata and get a  new airtel broadband connection.



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