New Airtel Broadband Plans Karaikudi – Tamil Nadu

Karaikudi is a well known city in the the district of Sivaganga located in Tamil Nadu, India. Karaikudi is the largest city in the district and also the biggest city in the Chettinad region. ( Chettinad is an area of 76 villages, towns and cities. )  In present time, Karaikudi is getting famous for the broadband connection that it has.



Karaikudi got its name because of the famous plant called “Karai” which is widely spread over this area. Earlier Karaikudi was a small village in Ramanathapuram district. The people of Karaikudi played a major role during the  Indias freedom struggle. Karaikudi became pouplar because the area is famous for the type of houses built with limestone called ‘karai veedu’ and also may be due to a plant called “Karai” which is widely spread over this area.



Currently Karaikudi is being famous for the broadband connection that it has. Airtel broadband is the most preferred broadband connection. Airte broadband has many plans in Karaikudi starting from Rs 549  which gives a speed of 1 mbps and has a download limit of 3 gb and there are plans which are priced at Rs 1999. MAX 150 Gb plan which costs Rs  1999 gives a high  speed of 2 mbps and gives a download limit of 150 GB.


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