Now make video calls with 3g.

Back to back meetings and busy schedule has hardly left any time for entertainment of the urban population. Getting up early for office, travelling, meetings, project reports and then again travelling all the way home tired has left no room for the good old family time. Gone are those days when a family would sit together and watch television. In fact people are so busy these days forget watching television together they do not have the time to catch on the news or just see a 20-20 match. Even though direct to home dth has replaced cable connections. People hardly have time to recharge dth connections leave alone watching it.


The remedy for this is the recently launched 3g services in India. After providing facilities like online mobile recharge, dth online recharge now mobile tv is the newest facility provided to the common man. Today, one of the upcoming technologies in India is Mobile TV that would allow the subscribers to watch television on their own mobile phone. Now-a-days, mobile phones have become omnipresent devices. Users can do everything on their handsets from organizing their time schedule for work to listening favorite music and playing games. This is the main reason why, Mobile TV has become very popular these days. With mobile Tv you will never miss your favorite TV serial or Cricket match whether you are travelling in a train, bus or anywhere. Now you can watch your favorite serial or watch live match without fretting.

Mobile Television can be used in our day to day activities as well like going for evening walk, meeting up with old friends or travelling from one location to another location. You can enjoy your favorite serial anywhere whether you’re at home or anywhere else. You can also use mobile tv to calm your kids when they are crying or yelling. Just switch to their cartoon channel and you wont hear a noise. It can also be used to avoid tense atmosphere at your place. You can just watch the match on your mobile phone and let your family watch the serial.


Mobile tv is available on all leading service providers networks. It is priced from 150 to 200 per month by al service providers. Daily connection rates per channel vary from Rs3 per channel to Rs 10 per channel. To start mobile tv subscribers can recharge online and then send a message to their service providers requesting mobile tv activation.


Shivanand Nabar
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