Sify Broadband Plans

Sify Broadband Plans

Let your aspirations take flight with Sify Broadband!

Broadband deifinition as per the TRAI -Always on connection with minimum download speed of 256 kbps.

Dream big. Now you have the power to turn your dreams into reality, at your finger tips. Be it an education abroad, a high flying job, a wide network of friends, the most suitable life partner, a library full of movies now you can have it all.

Experience a Sify Broadband life and discover endless possibilities. Download your favorite songs, play exclusive games, send or receive large documents photos as email attachments on a lightening fast, secure & reliable Internet connection. With Sify’s high speed Broadband, enjoy superior way to access rich information of internet with enough fun & learning for everyone.

Sify Broadband Aspire for Speed when you Need, with the unique Speed Gear plan. You can continue using your unlimited plan and boost your internet speed upto 3 Mbps when you need to download movies or steam videos. You can top up your existing unlimited plan with the speed gear plan, for a night or a weekend whenever you need and enjoy high speed without paying for the whole month. Aspire for the world of flexibility with Sify Broadband.

Just connect to Sify Broadband which offers high speeds at really affordable prices.

Sify Broadband Plans offers a Platinum for smart entrepreneurs – A revolutionary wireless broadband service for ambitious businessmen who like to be firmly in control. Platinum customers enjoy a host of tailor made solutions which include uninterrupted connectivity, dedicated speeds, business enhancement tools and 24×7 support, so your infrastructure is always on and you are always ready for business.
  • An exclusive subscriber unit (SU), which when increase on the outer wall of your office connects you
    wireless to the Sify base station to give you uninterrupted and reliable connectivity.
  • Unmatched speeds up to 4 Mbps and free business enhancement tools.


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