SMS Gateway: The Technology behind Push Mail services

You must have seen the TVC of a mobile company in which a  bollywood actor boasts of his phone having features like free push emails, social networking, instant messaging, and messenger all this for free without using his network providers services. And this phone is prized in India at a very teeny weeny price of Rs 4500. For the touch screen version you will have to shell out another Rs 500. You can send emails through your gmail, yahoo accounts. You can update your status on facebook or tweet on twitter.  You can read news online, make your bill payment online, or recharge mobile online. And an added advantage this phone is a dual sim phones i.e. it can accommodate two sim cards at the same time.


But the question is how do they provide all these services without using the network of the service provider? All this is done with the help of sms gateway service. SMS gateway provides industry standard (IMAP) push email using the built in email clients of a wide range of smart phones and feature phones. SMS gateway also supports phones which would not usually be able to access push email services. SMS gateway supports all IMAP /POP3 email boxes including popular ISP email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live Hotmail. In addition sms gateway provides access to corporate email accounts of Microsoft Exchange, SUN Java Communications Suite and Lotus Domino without requiring modifications on the corporate firewall.


Sms gateway delivers instant messaging to a wide range of mobile phones by using the built in instant messaging (OMA-IMPS) client available on many devices, allowing subscribers to stay connected to all their community friends without having to download additional software. SMS gateway also provides push social networking to the built in messaging clients on a wide range of smart phones and feature phones and extends social networking even to entry level by sending feeds and status update as MMS or SMS. SMS gateway supports the most famous social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Users can update their facebook status, comment on posts and pictures and stay in touch with their friends.


SMS gateway web feed service enables users to keep up with current events, sports and entertainment news using their mobile phones. Web Feed (RSS) connector provides standard live updates from the most popular websites including CNN, ESPN, BBC etc. Updates are pushed as emails into a separate mailbox on any phone with a built in email client.


With all these feature it will be interesting to see what the future of mobile technology has in store. It seems that push mails may take over the popularly used SMS in the years to come. It won’t be long before each and every phone has features like push emails, social networking, instant messaging.

Shivanand Nabar
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