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A term Broadband refers to a device of greater bandwidth or a telecommunications signal which has a great capacity rather than other usual or standard signals or device. The capacity of traffic can be increased by the broadness of the band in other words, the broader the brand the greater the capacity for traffic. Wide range of channels is received by the television antenna so it can be considered to be a great example of broadband. The communication Bandwidth is of at least 256 Kbps which refers to Broadband
The number of Internet subscribers is being increased in March 2012 by 2.1% to 22.86 million. In December 2011 the internet subscribers were increased from 22.39 million to 22.86 million, which registered 2.10% growth.
A broadband market is being leading by BSNL.
94.94% was holding altogether by top 10 ISPs from Total Internet Subscribers.
Second and third position is occupied by MTNL and Reliance Communications.
55.32% share of the market is holded by BSNL with a base of 12.65 million at the end of March – 12.
Reliance stands at the second position with the base of 3.58 million which is followed by MTNL with 2.54 million as a base.
The Fourth position is taken by Bharti Airtel, the fifth largest broadband player in India is Cable and You Broadband.
There are several other broadband providers such as Tata communications, Datacom, Hathway Cable, Tikona Digital Networks, Tata Teleservices and Beam Telecom
In December 2011 the number of Broadband subscribers was increased by 13.35 million to 13.81 million in March 2.12, it has registered 3.44 % of growth.
From the total number of internet subscription, he number of share of Broad band subscription was increased by 59.96 % to 60.4% this was in between the end of Dec-11 till the end of March -12.
Digital Subscriber Line i.e. DSL technology is used by 85 % of the Broadband Subscribers.
As Data services provides wireless subscription 4448.89 million of the subscribers have demanded for it.

.The registered increase of more than 1.76% was marked by the total internet leased line customers which stood at 51,227 in Mar-12 as compared to Dec-12 , where the number marked was 50,343

As the use of Broadband is increased it leads to an increase of cyber cafes, the number of cafes has been increased from 7585 in the year2011 to 8123 in 2012.

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